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WordPress or HTML, and How to Choose

Wordpress or HTML

Small business owners like you are tasked with making a wide diversity of decisions, many of which may involve developing a new website for the business. Based on your level of expertise, you have the option of designing the site yourself or hiring a professional developer that has the skills and abilities to design a …

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What is HTML5?

What is HTML5

Keeping up with the latest technological developments is just as important to the small business owner as it is to the large corporation. In order to do this effectively, however, the website that is designed for the business and their daily operations must adhere to specific standards that’s set by organizations like the World Wide …

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What is a Parallax Page and Do You Need One?

If you follow web design long enough, you will see that certain techniques and styles fall in and out of popularity every year.  One of the more popular trends in recent years, is something called the parallax page, or parallax scrolling.  How long will this trend last?  It’s hard to say, but regardless, you should …

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