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WordPress or HTML, and How to Choose

Wordpress or HTMLSmall business owners like you are tasked with making a wide diversity of decisions, many of which may involve developing a new website for the business. Based on your level of expertise, you have the option of designing the site yourself or hiring a professional developer that has the skills and abilities to design a successful website.

Regardless to your circumstances, there is one specific decision that you as a business owner are faced with deciding and that is choosing the software development tools that will be used to build the site. In some cases, a free website builder is a fine choice, but if you want more control and ownership over your web presence, then you have to decide between using self-hosted WordPress or HTML.

Themes and Minimal Customization – Use WordPress

The decision that you need to make is also based on several factors. One in specific involves how complex the site design should be to accommodate the needs of your business.

For instance, if the website that you need is a simple design, you may choose WordPress as a viable option for building the website in a short time frame.

Because WordPress offers templates that can be modified to fit your business’s needs, you can choose the best style that will make it easy to make changes and deploy it to the web.

Complex and Diverse Customization – Use HTML

On the other hand, if the design of the site is complex and not simple, a WordPress template may not be appropriate for the project. Instead, you may prefer to hire a professional web developer that can design the code for the site using HTML.

HTML is normally the best decision when you will require a lot of customization to design it correctly. For instance, if the site that you need involves lots of calculations and interactive features, the developer that is tasked with completing the project will have more freedom with the design by using HTML to write the code from scratch.

How Frequent Will the Site Be Updated?

WordPress is a blogging platform first, intended to be extremely easy to post blog updates and articles, while also being visually attractive to your customers. If you think you will have lots of things you want to share with your customer base, then hands down WordPress is the way to go.

If you simply want a static website that displays locations, hours, and phone numbers, then it may be a good idea to go with a basic HTML site, which won’t require the updates and plugins that a WordPress site would.

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