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WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly: Which Is Best For Small Businesses?

Three websites come to mind when small business owners want to create websites or blogs for their companies: WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly. But if you’re a small business owner, how do you know which of these websites is the perfect fit for you?

Here are some pros and cons of each of these choices, which will help narrow your choices down depending on your own needs and wants.



WordPress.com is one of the easier websites to use, as adding content such as images, separate pages, etc. can be done very quickly.

+ Your website is 100% customizable, from the color scheme to the overall look.

+ You have the option of logging into your WordPress account from any computer that is connected to the internet, allowing you to manage your website from anywhere at any time.

+ As your small business grows, so will your WordPress website. You can have as many pages of content as you wish, and your website will not crash or slow down in any way.

+ If you wish to allow your management team to have access to the website, WordPress gives you the ability to enable the ability to set up multiple users, as well as assign things like access levels and other capabilities for them.

+ If you wish to create a blog for your business, WordPress already contains this ability, completely eliminating the need for you to create something through a secondary website.

– While the overall theme of your website is 100% customizable, it will not be “unique” in the sense that you can only use what WordPress provides to you.

– Pages created using WordPress may often show unwanted ads for other companies, which could, in turn, cost you business.

– You receive virtually zero assistance with the creation and development of any content.

– Creating a website through WordPress requires a great deal of time, which could take you away from your business.

– Perhaps the biggest con is that even though the WordPress site you create is for your business, the website is still owned by WordPress, meaning they can delete it at any time and for any reason.


squarespace-logo-stacked-white+ All templates and pages provided by Squarespace are fully customizable.

+ Squarespace gives you the ability to adjust content when your browser window resizes, which can help when people use mobile devices to view your website.

+ You can drag and place content such as photos anywhere on the webpage that you create.

+ Squarespace uses professional-style templates, which can make your website appear to have been professionally designed.

– Squarespace does not have a wide selection of website design options to choose from.

– You must pay a monthly fee to be able to use more features.

– Since Squarespace is not yet a huge company, updates and improvements for the website can take longer than expected to get released, which can lead to you being unable to update much of anything.


Weebly logog+ Weebly has a vast array of templates available to make your website look more professional.

+ It is considered to be the easiest “drag and drop” website creator to use.

+ You can construct a fully functioning website without really needing to upgrade to a premium service.

+ While advertisements are placed on your website, they are very small and are placed at the page’s footer, thereby making more room for content that you wish to have on your page.

– Should the need arise for you to back up your entire website; it cannot be re-uploaded to any other service provider, including Weebly.

– Weebly does not allow the installation of any outside software on their websites.

Weebly sets many limitations for blog posts, including not posting the name of the author, inability to select a certain layout, and only displaying the latest ten posts you make.

– Inability to properly manage all of the separate pages on your website.

– Weebly does not allow you to manually delete any files from your website unless you submit a ticket to the company’s support team.

The fourth option, would be to hire a web design studio, like your truly 🙂  In that scenario, you will get a custom HTML website, designed with your business in mind, and

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